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STAMIGOLD Company Limited was incorporated on 28th October 2013 to carry on the business of mining gold, of processing such gold and generally treat, prepare, render marketable, sell and dispose of such gold or by-products resulting therefrom either in their raw or processed state. The company which operates as a private company limited by shares is the only gold mining company owned by the state through the State Mining Corporation (STAMICO) and Treasury Registrar. Whereby STAMICO holds 99.998% of the total shares while the Treasury Registrar owns 0.002%.

The Company operates the STAMIGOLD Biharamulo Mine. The mine started operations in July 2014. The Company activities include geological exploration within the Biharamulo Forest Reserve The mine is located at the edge of Biharamulo Forest Reserve, in Kaniha Ward, Biharamulo District, Kagera Region. The mine site can be accessed by road either from the Kahama–Rusumo Highway, or from the Geita–Biharamulo Highway via Bwanga to Runzewe road.

All employees are Tanzanians because the company has continually developed its Local Content policies and skills development where the focus is on the employment of local staff, training of students and conduct industrial internship programs. Moreover, the company conducts training in several areas to the employees such as Occupational Health and Safety training, Environmental Management, Emergency Response and Preparedness, courageous leadership training and public Procurement Regulations, among others.


"To become a prominent gold producer aiming at contributing to the National economy while setting benchmark in the mining sector.


"We are a national growing gold company, targeting at producing quality gold in a cost-effective manner and increasing resources for long term viability of our business, while creating job opportunities and engaging all stakeholders for the national development.


STAMIGOLD Company Limited has made some achievements while carrying out her duties and obligations in growing the gold and silver processing and selling business


Complete Repairs of the Processing Plant

The gold processing plant required massive repair to cater to production demands. The same was done by replacing rollers, liners, lifters and the 300 m length of the conveyor belt.

Strengthening Employees’ Morale

The company has improved the quality of work conditions and has thrived to issue certificates of acknowledgement for exceptional efforts made by employees. The employees have participated in periodic seminars provided by the Public Service Ethics Secretariat.

Reducing Production costs

The company heavily invested on restoration of the process plant and thus managed to reduce production costs from USD 1,800 per ounce from Jan-March 2018 to an average of USD 940.14 per ounce from July 2018 to June 2019.


The Company has participated and received awards in two exhibitions held in Geita in 2018 and 2019. The Company won the 1st price in the medium scale mines category both times. The company also participates in the national trade fair known as “sabasaba” and was amongst the top most attractive and visited stall, located in the Ministry of Minerals building





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