Stamigold Biharamulo Mine has developed projects cover in education, health, roads and employment opportunities to the surrounding community which build strong relationship. The company ensure it empowering children and helping them to reach their goals in terms of education by paying them fees. However, the Company also generates marketing opportunity to the locals thru purchasing goods from them.


Stamigold Biharamulo Mine; endeavor to conduct its business operation whilst demonstration good stewardship in the preservation of natural resources by adopting environmentally responsible practices with a special regard in analyzing, controlling and mitigating environmental changes associated with its operations.

It is our goal to mine responsibly and produce gold for the benefit of our nation, without compromising the long term capacity of our environment to support productive post- mining uses.


Stamigold has strong Safety Culture everyone feels responsible for safety and pursues it on a daily basis; employees go beyond “the call of duty” to identify unsafe conditions and behaviors, and are comfortable intervening to correct them.

A commitment to safety should not be a priority, but a value that shapes decision making all the time, at every level. Stamigold has develop a culture in which the value of safety is embedded in every level of the workforce.

Stamigold define culture as the unwritten standards and norms that shape mind-sets, attitudes and behaviors.  A culture of safety starts with leadership, because leadership drives culture and culture drives behavior. Stamigold Leaders influence culture by setting expectations, building structure, teaching others and demonstrating what safety is all about.

 A commitment to safety and operational integrity begins with management. But management alone cannot drive the entire culture. For a culture of safety to flourish, it must be embedded throughout the organisation. Hence then Stamigold Safety Vision focuses to– Our first duty and highest obligation is your safety.

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